C. S. Lewis on Science vs. Scientism: The Magician’s Twin

In my last post which has now been many months ago, I had promised to wrap up my musings on many songs from Andrew Bird’s “Noble Beast” with the following words:

I have often concluded in these song interpretations that it is impossible for me to know exactly what Andrew Bird is espousing. I have raised the possibility that I may take him to literally and he is merely using “scientific” imagery to portray aspects of human challenges and growth. But in my next and final post in this series I will return to a discussion of the two main worldviews that his “scientific” songs seem to be interacting with, namely the Pascalian anthropology vs. the Wellsian scientism, and why I believe it is important to understand the differences between these views.

Last fall someone (“the Magician’s Nephew” – an inside joke) brought my attention to a video that I have now decided to post in order to fulfill my promise. Anyone who has been interested enough to follow this series of posts and checks out the video,  should easily see that the video provides a thorough, informative, and entertaining overview of the difference and importance of distinguishing between Science and Scientism.

I hope you enjoy it!



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