“St. Paul’s Song” and “That Kind of Love” by Pierce Pettis

The first post in my short series of posts of songs relating to 1 Corinthians 13, was a song by Mark Heard.

Therefore it seemed only fitting to follow that post with this one of two songs by Pierce Pettis, since Mr. Pettis has a custom of covering a Mark Heard song as the first track on all of his albums from “Chase the Buffalo” on. These covers are a mini “Best of Mark Heard” collection, and a wonderful tribute to the late Mark Heard. The covers are: Nod Over Coffee, Satellite Sky, Tip of My Tongue, Rise from the Ruins, Another Day in Limbo, and “Nothing But the Wind.”

Pierce Pettis certainly considers 1 Corinthians 13 as not merely inspirational but as motivational for life, as exemplified by two songs that are related to that part of the New Testament. The first song. “St. Paul’s Song” very closely follows Paul’s words, while “That Kind of Love” is more inspired by it, also including allusions to other parts of the New Testament.

If you like the youtube video below, you should seriously do yourself and maybe someone else a favor and go see him present his craft.

St. Paul’s Song ( 1 Corinthians 13) – Pierce Pettis

If I spoke in tongues of men
And spoke in tongues of angels
If I could not speak with love
I’d just be cymbals clanging
Everyone would hold their ears
They wouldn’t know how to take it
And not a soul would want to hear
A racket so outrageous.

If I spoke in Prophecy
The fate of men and nations
If I knew the mysteries
And the secrets of creation
And had all the faith I need
Enough for mountains moving
Without love to carry me
Oh, what good would it do me.

Love is kind. it suffers long
It’s never proud of jealous
Love will never do you wrong
Love will never fail us
It hopes believes and bares all things
It’ll never be defeated
More than faith
More than hope
Love is the greatest

Knowlege, prophecy will fade
And tongues will all fall silent
But love that lives is here to stay
Solid and defiant
Though it’s hard to see these things
As through a dark glass straining
When we’re standing face to face
The truth won’t need explaining

Words and Music by Pierce Pettis © 1984 Let-Have-Lunch Music (ASCAP)

That Kind of Love

Can’t be bought or sold or faked
That kind of love
Always gives itself away
That kind of love
Wiser than the wisest sage
It’s innocence makes me ashamed
Til I’m not sure I can take
That kind of love

Pride and hatred cannot stand
That kind of love
Greater love hath no man
Than that kind of love
Won’t be kept unto itself
Spreads it’s charm, casts it’s spell
No one’s safe this side of hell
From that kind of love

Love rejected and ignored
Held in chains, behind closed doors
Stuff of legend and of songs
Deep down everybody longs (for)
That kind of love . . . oh, that kind of love

Some people never know
That kind of love
Though it only takes a child to show
That kind of love
Widows smile and strong men weep
Little ones play at it’s feet
Deaf can hear and blind can see
That kind of love

Love triumphant, love on fire
Love that humbles and inspires
No conditions, no restraints
That kind of love . . . oh, that kind of love

How could anyone deny
That kind of love
Every heart is measured by
That kind of love
Even stars fall from the sky
Everything will fall in time
Except those things that cannot die
That kind of love
Oh, may you be remembered by
That kind of love
Love that does not hesitate

Pierce Pettis, 2008

(copied at: http://www.wowlyrics.com/p/pierce-pettis_songs/1606965_lyrics_2276892.php)

BMC and Manifest Propensity, 2013.



One thought on ““St. Paul’s Song” and “That Kind of Love” by Pierce Pettis

  1. I just found out that grooveshark just closed down today, so the link for St. Paul’s Song” no longer works.

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