“Without Love” by Lennie Gallant

Lennie Gallant

A song by Lennie Gallant comprises this next post in our series of songs related to 1 Corinthians 13.

I first became aware of Lennie Gallant and this song while on vacation in Prince Edward Island and saw his cd’s in quite a few of the shops there. I purchased this cd which had been released a year or two earlier. His song “Without Love” closes the album.

I believe that Lennie Gallant is probably fairly unknown by most in the US and elsewhere, so I am including a few other tracks from the cd that are also excellent.

The second song is “The Band’s Still Playing” which is an infectious rocker from Gallant and just a great song! Maybe I should do a blog of songs relating to the Titanic especially since now I could include one by Bob Dylan (Tempest).

The last song is a music video he did of the song “Lifeline” which contains a reference to Rodney King who became known to us in relation to the LA riots in 1992. ┬áThe whole cd to me is high quality, and I should probably check out some of his newer stuff.

I hope you enjoy them, and thanks to Mr. Gallant for such wonderful songs.

BMC, Manifest Propensity, 2012


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