The Kinks and the Confession of Mr. Flash


I always loved The Kinks non-critically acclaimed “Preservation” albums, acts 1 and 2. The two songs “Flash’s Dream (The Final Elbow)” and “Flash’s Confession,” toward the end of “Act 2” were thematically and musically a high point. Ray’s singing is amazing as usual, and I believe he is not given the credit of being one of the greatest rock singers of all time. Brother Dave’s guitar is also wonderfully prominent in the “Confession.”

The video posted below by Gerard van Calcar was well done with some appropriate images, and thankfully he combined both songs parts together.

My purpose for posting this, beyond my love for a great Kinks song, is that it fits with my blog theme of revealing the manifest propensities of humankind, and thus it is not just some old song but a testimony that Pascal, Augustine, Job, and Moses would have agreed with.

One always wonders with these sorts of artistic creations, what was the extent to which the artists have vicariously created their work for personal reasons. Ray Davies certainly seems to have embraced the personna of Mr. Flash with gusto, in the way he sings and in the theatrical costume donned for the cover. Was Ray Davies confessing through Mr. Flash? (not that he was a crooked politician, but if we are honest we all have our sins (even if we don’t wish to call them that).


In conclusion, as I often say, enjoy the video! (if you can).

BMC @ Manifest Propensity, 2014

One thought on “The Kinks and the Confession of Mr. Flash

  1. “I did it for the nation!” “…You did it for your own preservation!” (The ever-present temptation: to be a politician or a public servant?)

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