Yawny at the Apocalypse: Andrew Bird’s Ambiguous Apocalypse

Not much I can say about this instrumental song

although the song and album titles provide some hints

in the pervasive atmosphere of ambiguity:

“Yawny at the Apocalypse”

“Armchair Apocrypha”

an apt description

of postmodern life


Many thanks to Andrew Bird

 BMC @ Manifest Propensity, 2015.

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“20th Century Man” by The Kinks – On the loss of individual freedom

One of the greatest rock songs of all time, and as relevant as ever for the “21st Century Man.” I think the photos in the youtube video were very well done and assist in demonstrating the enduring political and societal relevance of the song for the “Western” world. The acoustic blues/rock music with the melancholic interlude in the middle have served the song well to prevent it sounding stereotypically time-bound.

BMC @ Manifest Propensity, 2013.

Two Postmodern Prophets: Walter Becker & Donald Fagen (Steely Dan)

I have always liked the line in “The Sounds of Silence” where Simon & Garfunkel sing “the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls, and tenement halls.” Thankfully, sometimes they are also written in songs, such as this one from the exuberant 1975 album “Katy Lied” by Steely Dan: Continue reading

“Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan – America’s postmodern anthem

In 2004 Rolling Stone Magazine released their list of the “500 greatest Songs of All Time.” First of all, it may have been better titled Continue reading